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This week, I talk to Robert Martinengo from the AccessText Network, a way to make requesting electronic texts from publishers a while lot easier. Visit them at


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I'm back! And with an interview that is long overdue! I did this interview with Marcus Engel last October just as I was starting to get sick (as you may be able to tell in the interview, my voice was not at its best).

Marcus talks about things to take into consideration when traveling if you have a disability. You can learn more about Marcus at his website,


I don't know if you've been following this, but there has been a lot of debate lately between blind advocates and the publishing industry about the accessibility of print. It specifically revolves around cross-border sharing of documents. Which means that if a service such as Recordings for the Blind & Dyslexic has an accessible copy of a book, they cannot provide it to a blind person living in Canada. Sorry, Canadians, you have to duplicate our work and make your own. Given the cost of producing accessible materials, this is ridiculous.

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If you've been following me on Facebook ( or Twitter (, you know I have been fighting a throat infection for the last couple of months. When I've had any voice at all, it hasn't been one you'd want to listen to! So Day Al Mohamed of the "Day in Washington Podcast" ( kindly stepped in to record this for you all to listen to.

Any of you are welcome to contribute to the show, so if you have an idea, please email me ( and let's talk!

On the upside, I think we have finally found an antibiotic that's working, and I hope to be back to recording episodes soon!


After 4 long years, we now own the domain! The others still work, but now we're easier to find!

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