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James Bailey wrote an incredibly useful book entitled Managing the Assistive Technology Process: The Nontech Guide for Disability Service Providers, which you can purchase from LRP Publications at

If you supervise the assistive technology on your campus, but don't know an ALT-F4 from a CTRL-ALT-DEL, you need this book! Ok, I know that sounds like a late night TV ad, but James really breaks down what you need to know in plain speech.

In our interview, James shares some of his suggestions for setting up your AT and I've promised to have a follow-up interview with James to touch on some of the other many topics I wanted to talk to him about, but ran out of time. So if you have AT questions, no matter how basic, please email them to me at and I'll be sure to ask James for you!


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GingerSpell is a plug in for Microsoft Word which is a great tool to help people with writing disabilities. It's still in Beta, but you can download a free version from, and there are some exciting additional features that will be added during 2009. Check out this interview with Miki Feldman-Simon to learn more!

(and yeah, I know I say "Show 57" at the beginning, but it's really 58. I'll fix it later... )


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We're back! This show catches you up on what has been going on in my life which has caused the delay in new episodes. I have a good excuse, I promise!


I am giving updates on my experience with Hurricane Ike using my Disability411 blog. So if you'd like to keep up with me during this storm, just click on the "D411 Blog" tab at the top of this page.

Back to Disability related stuff soon!

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New 10-digit phone numbers are now available for Deaf and hard of hearing consumers who use video phone technology. Why is this such a big deal? Listen to this interview with Kelby Brick of GoAmerica to find out.

Also, Ron Graham tells us some exciting news about the digitization of the National Library Service.

Web sites mentioned in this episode include:

Disaboom survey

J.C. Hutchin's Obsidian video featuring your host

Information on the new 10-digit phone numbers and how to get one


National Library Service

NLS digital pilot site

Access Ability Blog


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